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Empowering Women Physicians

Apr 21, 2019

What you think over and over, your automatic thoughts, become your beliefs. What you believe is possible for your life is often what you create in your life.

What would you like to believe?

If you could believe anything was possible?

If I had a platter of beliefs and you could choose any one you wanted.

If you could teach yourself it's possible that __________, what would you like to believe you could create in your life?

You believed you could become a doctor, so you did.

What's next?

Anything you want.

Less time spent charting, less stress, more time for yourself.  Who has the power to make these things happen for you?  You do.  










This reference describes the Listen Act Develop model that encourages organizations to listen to their physicians regarding changes they want to see, to act on them, to report outcomes of these actions (whether they succeeded or failed) and develop physician leaders. 

This offers physicians choice, a sense of community, empowerment, and encourages contribution improvement.

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