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Empowering Women Physicians

May 12, 2019

I encourage you to consider periodically looking at your life with the playful childlike lens of a "Choose your own adventure" story.

Maybe find a children's book or even an adult book in this genre or watch the Netflix interactive narrative Banderdash

It might just start to change the way you see things is you start to practice some autonomy, agency, self-efficacy, control.  Awareness of this can spill over into your personal and professional live so that you start to create your life more on purpose.

Speaking of choosing your own adventure... in this episode we also talk about the Steamy Stethoscopes conference and tips from some strong women physicians. 

Marcia Walker the conference host and Sonia Wright, midlife sex coach for women

Oh...and of course... I have to mention - registration for the next Bora Bora retreat is now open!!!

Limited space of course so let me know if you are thinking of coming so I can reserve a bungalow for you : )