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Empowering Women Physicians

Aug 31, 2020

Dr. Milene Argo started her journey with coaching 3 years ago, which started with 80 lb weight loss, she then applied this work to optimizing her clinical practice, to managing her inbox, finally leaving work at work, no more charting at home, self acceptance,  COVID, and even recent anti-racism awareness.   

She is one of the best I know in using coaching techniques with her patients during routine office visits and helping them get real results.

She is now not only a client of mine for well over a year, but is now also a colleague and coach in the EWP program in addition to having her own coaching practice.

Check out her physical transformation in this video, which now matches the internal changes she has created through applying this work to all aspects of her life. 

Milene's coaching can be found in her own practice at

and as a part of EWP coaching at

Dr. Nora Vasquez can be found at